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funny/cool/interesting music vid recommendations?

I really hate to possibly spam, so I'll keep this as short as possible.

I'm teaching English in China and find that the kids (aged 12-15) really love starting a class with a 'Western' music video. Problem is that 6 months in, I'm running low on inspiration. Can anyone give me some suggestions of good music videos to show them: preferably funny, but interesting enough to keep them amused would be great.

Anything remotely provocative is out of the question: no scantily-clad ladies (or men for that matter), no sex, not too much violence. All strictly PG please. They love their bland MOR pop, and I've used *NSync, Britney and Avril Lavigne with great success, but they also lost the plot big time over Sum 41's 'In Too Deep' video and Foo Fighters' 'Learn To Fly'. So provided it raises some laughs it doesn't really matter what it sounds like I guess.

Please help? Thanks  : )

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