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Muzikology: Your Music Source!

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Who? Ana Marie ( ginevra ) Karine ( aeval ) Stacci ( reservoir )

What? In this community you do so much and experience so much. You can request/ask for a song, you can review a CD or something, you may recommend some songs, you can post some songs for others to download. And so much more, if you are unsure of anything, send me an e-mail.

Why? Because I felt this kind of community is a fun one and I love to experience new sounds of music.

1. Don't join and just never post, 1-2 posts max a week or I will remove you, sorry but it's only fair.
2. Post entries that relate to music and anything approved by me, if you e-mailed me about something.
3. Do not tell any other member that their music sucks, please.
4. Do not insult other members.
5. Enjoy yourself! <3

Spread the word:
Please let your friends know about us. Spread the word about Muzikology, we need members, much more members to keep this this place vibrant. I added a ton of music interests in hopes that the word will get out about us.

Created by us:
aufdermaurmusic - Melissa Auf der Maur Fan Community

Places to go:
http://www.epitonic.com - basic indie music, underground type stuff, etc (+ mp3s)
http://www.pitchforkmedia.com - reviews on cds, songs, artists and such (+ mp3s)
http://www.projectj.net - jrock/jpop/jmetal music, bios, etc (+ mp3s)
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